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Funtivity comes with a plethora of activities including Trivia, Escape Room, Trivia, Name That Song, Bingo and Board games like Charades & Forbidden Words. With new content and themes added weekly, there's always something for everyone to enjoy

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Trending Funtivities - Something for everyone!

Escape Rooms  I    Trivia  I  Bingo & many more
Experience a wide range of activities and curated themes for your team building & celebrations

And the Question Is

Just like the game of Jeopardy.


A party game of chance and quickness

Bite Sized Trivia

A popular game of quiz with multiple-choice answers

Black Friday Escape Room

Unlock the mysteries to get out of TarMart department store!

Celebrity Face Mix-Up

Identify celebrities in this mashup of two faces!


Mime your way out to get your team to guess

Doodle Challenge

Popular game of quickly drawing to depict a word

Enchanting School Graduation Escape Room

Use your magical skills to graduate Enchanting School!

End of Line

Stop the runaway train from reaching the end of line.

Forbidden Words

Popular board game of guessing without using taboo words

Garden Center Escape Room

Kick off gardening season with this fun puzzle hunt!

Gingerbread Factory Escape Room

Solve the puzzles and fix the machines in the Gingerbread Factory.

Guess the movie

Given a graphical description about the movie, guess the movie.

Haunted House Escape Room

Solve all the puzzles to make your way through to escape the haunted house!

Heist on Arcanum Tower

Steal Olirion’s spellbook from his inner sanctum to save the City of Falwell.

Holy Guacamole

Play the game of escape room in the kitchen of your "abuela."


Three different words that sound just about the same

Ice Castle Escape Room

Solve the puzzles and break the freezing spell on the town of “Frow Zen”.

Love Boat Escape Room

Solve puzzles to help singles find their perfect match on a cruise ship.


Form a breakout circle easily and choose who to hang out with

Name That Person

Guess the person who submitted the answer

Name That Song

Can you name the song being played for just a few seconds?

Odd one out

A quiz where you have to pick the odd one out of four images

One Minute Story

Create a one-minute story using given scenario.

Party Time Escape Room

Travel to office parties of the past to fix a faulty time travel device.

Rebus Puzzles

Clever pictorial representations of popular phrases


Given a question use lateral thinking to come up with an answer

Say What?

Solve the puzzle to see if your team can figure out what these garbled phrases mean.

Scavenger Hunt

Use teamwork to gather or complete the missions

Speed Mingle

Network with a large number of people quickly

Super Sized Trivia

Test your wits with 30 Super Sized Trivia questions!

Survey Says

Guess the answer picked by a group of surveyed users


A popular game of quiz with text or multiple-choice answers

Unknowable Numbers

Take a guess to answer the questions that are numbers you don't need to know.


Collectively and anonymously vote on entries from attendees

Where in the world

See a pictures from around the world and answer trivia-style questions.

Wordplay Pictures

Flex your mind for pictures with wordplay.

Would You Rather

Will you choose what's behind "Door #1" or "Door #2"?

You are smarter than you think

Questions on topics that kids these days learn in elementary school

Fun activities for all occassions!

Team Celebrations
Product releases, Rewards, Recognitions, Birthdays and more! Use Funtivity to engage with your team to celebrate these special occassions
Current Events
Whether it's the FIFA Soccer World Cup, a cultural phenomenon or other current events, Funtivity has a plethora of content for everyone to be entertained
Fun activities in your meetings
Liven up your meetings with interactive activities with Trivia, Bingo, Doodle, Escape Rooms and more. Funtivity has something for everyone to enjoy
Holidays & DEI events
Funtivity has custom content for various DE&I events. Celebrate Hawaiian History Month, MLK Day or Pride Month with Funtivity!

Corporate event planners, get your employees ready to have some fun!

Start your meetings with a 5-minute Trivia, Doodle Challenge or a One Minute Story. With curated content for DE&I, ERGs or general trivia, bringing your team together is a breeze

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Great way to build camaraderie among employees by engaging in fun activities.

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