Supercharge Employee Networking

Create a sense of connection and belonging in the workplace. Employee networking brings together shared life-work experiences for a more inclusive cultural.

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Use cases

There are numerous types of employee networking events that you can apply to your organization.

Large Events

Employee Networking

Bring teams together to learn about each other roles and responsibilities.

Large Events

Cultural Events

Celebrate cultural festivals and holidays: LGBT Pride Month, Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Diwali and more!

Large Events

New Hires

Get newly hired employees off to a great start in the first three to six months.

Looking for Custom Employee
Networking Activity?

Employee networks provide support, enhance career development, and contribute to
personal development in the work environment.

Employee Networking Feature Highlights

Employee networks help educate people to become better citizens by informing them on customs,
traditions, and practices.

Breakout Sessions

Allow attendees to go to breakout sessions to brainstorm in pre-assigned groups to maximize the learning

Play an Activity

Get attendees engaged with a fun learning activity like Trivia or Quizzes.

Cohort Management

Enable new hires to build camaraderie with their cohort through multiple touch points in their first 90-days at the company.

Customize the Agenda

Design the events the way you want.

Customize Networking

1:1 networking sessions with attendees.

Customize the Content

Tailor content to your audience.

Make Employee Networking Interactive & Engaging

As leaders, we need to build out ways for employees to share, learn, and be inspired.

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