Enjoy the spirit of playing in a team

Hermis is a one-stop platform where you can congregate with your team and engage in various ways easily. And whether your gathering is a large crowd or a small group, you will find features to make it easy to organize and manage an event and the activities within.

Mingle Mode

Have a large gathering in the event?  Then break the gathering into conversation circles and enjoy meeting people in smaller groups. The conversations in the group are not heard by anyone outside the group. And the group can be any size.

With the simple action of dragging your tile, join another group, or simple leave the group to enjoy a little bit of solitude – and wait for someone to join you to start a new conversation circle. The flexibility of having independent private conversation circles takes away the cacophony of meeting in a single group.


Hermis allows you to engage in activities as individuals or as members of team.  You get easy tools to divide attendees into teams – and you choose team name and even a team color!

Once an activity starts, the screen rearranges itself to keep the birds of a feather in a flock together.  Once an activity finishes, everyone is free to mingle with each other.

And when the time comes for another activity, you can keep the same teams, or reorganize to form new teams.

Scoring & Leaderboard

What is the point of an activity if you can’t keep tabs of scores! Hermis allows you to kindle your competitive spirit by automatically keep track of the scoring for you.

The leaderboard also allows you to keep tabs on the score of other teams and your standing!

To cap it off, take pride as the winning team gets a special graphical mention at the end of the activity.

Huddle Mode

Want to discuss something within your team while playing an activity so that others don’t hear you and your secret machinations?  Hermis does that for you… automatically! Be in an audio bubble, freely discuss with your teammates and enjoy the team spirit. It’s a perfect solution for activities that require discussion and debates within the team.

Expore other features


With a plethora of activities to choose from, there is something for everyone in the horn of activities and any group can have a great team building experience.


Create an exclusive event tailored to your team by customizing every aspect – organization, execution, content, background, etc. – of the event to elevate the experience of team building.

Start scheduling your team building events

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