Track & Measure Engagement

With proprietary engagement scores & activity summary, it's easy to measure and track engagement among your employees! Find & reward that hidden trivia geek or the lucky bingo player with tournament  based scoring!

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Bring your remote teams together for fun team building events and celebrations.
Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands, Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings


Enable your distributed workforce to connect and network with each other
through a wide range of activities, templates and analytics.
Activity Summary
Get activity-level metrics instantly. All activities have built-in Leaderboard functionality that shows the most engaged folks. We even track time taken to answer the Trivia or the time taken to solve that tricky puzzle in Escape Rooms.
Tournament Scores
If you're organizing a multi-day and a multi-team event, talk to us. Funtivity has built-in tournament mode that keeps track of scores across all sessions! Talk to your Customer Success Rep and we have a special report for you.
Engagement Score
Funtivity's proprietary Engagement score helps you identify and reward employees that are the most engaged. It's based on a variety of factors including speed to answer, participation and more.
Organization Metrics
Rolling out Funtivity for an entire Organization? We got the Metrics taken care of! With Funtivity's Metrics dashboard for enterprises, you can get a birds eye view of the most engaged employees across your entire org.

Corporate event planners, get your employees ready to have some fun!

Start your meetings with a 5-minute Trivia, Doodle Challenge or a One Minute Story. With curated content for DE&I, ERGs or general trivia, bringing your team together is a breeze

Contact your IT Administrator to enable Funtivity in Webex

Your System Administrator for Webex will need to enable Funtivity in the Webex Control Hub

Team Building
Fun & Engaging

Customize your team building event the
way you want to make it a success



Choose from a plethora of activities & themes to get started


Funtivity has the largest collection of activities & themes for calendar events.

Team Building

Great way to build camaraderie among employees by engaging in fun activities.

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