Funtivity - Support Videos

Funtivity: How to Install Funtivity App on Zoom

Installing the Funtivity by Hermis App on Zoom can be done in just a few clicks.

Simply search for the Funtivity app within the Discover tab of the Zoom Apps button and click Add. Once you click Allow to grant permission for Funtivity to run in your Zoom, you can get started playing.

If you run into any issues accessing Zoom Apps or see a message prompting you to request the Funtivity app, reach out to your organization's IT Administrator for help.

Funtivity: Inviting Guests to Join an Activity

Guest mode is a feature that allows Funtivity event hosts to play along with other meeting participants who do not already have the Funtivity app installed.

This is helpful for anyone who has a premium Funtivity host license or would like to host large meetings where they cannot guarantee every participant will have the app already installed.

In the video above, you can view what the host's process for inviting others will look like on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, you can view what the participants will see when they are invited to play along in guest mode.

Funtivity: How to Play Trivia

Trivia is a game where you must select the correct answer out of multiple choices.

Be sure to answer correctly and quickly - time is a tiebreaker when playing Trivia on Funtivity.

Funtivity: How to Play Guess the Movie

Guess the Movie is a trivia-style game where you must select the correct answer out of multiple choices.

Be sure to answer correctly and quickly - time is a tiebreaker when playing Guess the Movie on Funtivity.

Funtivity: How to Play Doodle Challenge

Doodle Challenge is a game of creativity where you must take turns drawing or accurately guessing what another player is drawing in order to win points.

If it's your turn to guess, you can type in as many guesses in the text box as you'd like - you will earn points for guessing correctly, and you won't loose points for any wrong guesses.

If it's your turn to draw, choose one of the 3 word options that you like best. Try using the drawing tools to help others guess your word.

Funtivity: How to Play Name that Person

Name that Person is an icebreaker where you and the other meeting participants become the star of the questions on the spot.

To begin, you will each answer one unique survey question about yourselves. The system will use your answers to automatically generate new icebreaker questions once you are all done answering the survey question.

When it's time to answer the trivia questions, enjoy some friendly competition while learning new things about your team members.

Funtivity: How to Play One Minute Story

One Minute Story is an improv-style game where you will take turns telling short stories using improv prompts to compete for the most claps.

When it's your turn to tell a story, use the prompt and hints to make up something funny, creative, and interesting so that you earn more claps from others.

When it's time to listen to another player's story, be sure to clap to express when you enjoy their story. The person with the most claps at the end will win!

Funtivity: How to Play an Escape Room

Funtivity has a variety of different Escape Rooms, all with different themes and puzzles, that require quick-thinking, creativity, and teamwork. These are a great option for small groups to play in teams (we recommend less that 20 people total).

Each escape room is different, but this video features the End of Line Escape Room to demonstrate how to launch the room and locate different puzzles or hints.

Funtivity: How to Uninstall Funtivity on Zoom

If you decide you'd no longer like to have Funtivity enabled on your Zoom account, you can remove in just a few quick steps. Go to the Zoom marketplace in your web browser, sign in to your Zoom account, and remove Funtivity from your Added Apps.