Supercharge Team
Building & Office Celebrations

Bring your remote teams together for fun team building events and celebrations. Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands, we'll make your event a success.

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Use cases

There are numerous types of Team Building & Celebratory events that you can apply to your organization.

Large Events

Team Meetings

Supercharge team meetings with interactive content that increases participation.

Large Events

Project Milestones

Celebrate a new product launch, project milestone, employee awards.

Large Events

All Hands

Celebrate company milestones, employee awards, audience polls.

Large Events

Cultural Celebration

Celebrate employee diversity and cultural holidays.

Large Events


Introduce new interns and employees with fun icebreakers.

Large Events


Engage audiences with polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Looking for Custom
Team Building Event?

Add engagement to your team building event with custom content and activities!

Team Building Feature Highlights

We have over 30 activities for all types of events. Here's our customer favorites.

Escape Rooms

Test your teams ability to collaborate and solve problems.


Make meetings fun with group surveys & quizzes.

Fun Activities

Choose from Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Doodle Challenge, and more.

Customize the Agenda

Design the events the way you want

Customize the Content

Tailor content to your audience

Get a professional Host

Jazz it up with an entertainer

Make Team
Building Fun

Customize your team building event the way you want to make it a success

Integrated with your Video Conferencing solution

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Team Building is an often overlooked element in the employee engagement formula. Having a regular mechanism by which employees can connect and bond is critical. Help your employees build the social fabric of your organization.