Double Down on Virtual Employee Onboarding

Organizations are switching to remote work in response to the pandemic. New hires are starting their jobs in remote teams having never physically met anyone during the hiring process. A new hire virtual orientation program is more critical than ever before. There are tools for managing virtual employee onboarding tasks, but none are designed to improve engagement. Without the benefits of in-person interactions, a forum to build meaningful connections is vital to employee retention and career success.

Remote new hire onboarding

Welcome New Employees, Think Beyond a Week

One-and-done new hire orientation programs are a thing of the past. Starting from the employee's first day, virtual onboarding needs to be multiple, interactive video sessions.

Create full days of engagements and new employee training for the first 90 days as structured calendar with separate links for each session. Immerse them into your company culture by bringing in partners from across the organization. Incorporate meetings with managers, team members and even the CEO.

Cohort support in Hermis

One-on-One Attention For Personalized Experience

Custom Breakout Rooms and Tasks Management

Video conferencing can't provide human touch. And one-way presentations can turn a new hire into a conference attendee. The right solutions can bring in personalized experience.

Make the meetings more unique and engaging. Create new hire onboarding checklist that everyone in the cohort can independently make progress on, but not feel isolated doing so. Define a dedicated hour in an online session, where an expert can answer questions of the new hire one-on-one.

Build Employee Engagement and Connections

Remote onboarding should be interactive to keep participants engaged and connected. Social side of onboarding is more important than ever.

Create engaging fun sessions through fun activities like trivia, scavenger hunt or even escape room. Organize a poll to participate in or get feedback through surveys. Organize a speed networking session with other new hires and designated buddy/mentor, so they get to build camaraderie.

Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Networking, and more

Make a Good First Impression with Remote Hires

First impressions are everything. On the employee's first day, give them a warm welcome and usher them into the company to have an enormous impact on their engagement and help them quickly reach their full potential and productivity.

When new hires are having fun and connecting with others, their actions will get shared on social media and will help with employer branding.

Improve Employer Branding

But, I already have tools for new employee onboarding…

Most of the solutions in the market focus on Workflow Management, Task Management and Self-service Portal among other things. These are great tools and essential for managing employee onboarding checklists in a conventional world.

Remote employees need more than just tasks to onboard onto a new company.

Adding fun engaging sessions seamlessly within the onboarding steps goes a long way in making the new hire feel more established as an employee.

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Workflow management
Task Management
Self-service Portal
Virtual Orientation
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How Hermis is solving for Virtual Onboarding

Hermis has an app for Zoom that makes the set-up and execution of onboarding really easy for the organizers.  And it creates a great engaging virtual orientation experience for the new hires.  If you're an early adopter, talk to us and learn more about it.  We have limited openings for a pilot.  Be part of it and get your use case incorporated into the product!

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