Funtivity: Elevate Every Experience
Where Endless Fun Becomes Memorable Moments
Discover Funtivity – your all-in-one event platform. With 30+ activities, customizable content, and premium support, it transforms gatherings into unforgettable experiences. From solo play to grand webinars, unlock boundless engagement possibilities.
Funtivity: Online Fun, Uniting Teams,
Crafting Everlasting Memories.
Funtivity: Elevate Every Experience
Where Endless Fun Becomes Memorable Moments
Discover Funtivity – your all-in-one event platform. With 30+ activities, customizable content, and premium support, it transforms gatherings into unforgettable experiences. From solo play to grand webinars, unlock boundless engagement possibilities.
30+ Activities
Diverse experiences for every occasion.
Boost workplace camaraderie with a diverse range of team-building activities, fostering collaboration and fun. From virtual games to collaborative challenges, our platform offers a plethora of options for creating lasting bonds among colleagues.
Calendar Events
Seamless scheduling for seamless fun.
Seamlessly coordinate workplace or social events with our calendar feature. Ensure everyone's on board for team-building at work or virtual hangouts with friends. Keep everyone in the loop with easy-to-use event scheduling.
Play Mode
Diverse Play Modes: Personalized Journeys and Team Adventures
Unlock dynamic experiences with Funtivity's play modes. From personalized solo adventures to collaborative team challenges,
cater to diverse preferences, fostering engagement and friendly competition for unforgettable events
Solo Mode
Indulge in Personalized Adventure
Indulge in tailored experiences. Funtivity's solo play mode caters to individual preferences, offering a personalized journey filled with engaging activities, ensuring a unique and memorable event for every participant.
Team Mode
Collaborate for Fun-filled Competition
Foster camaraderie and competition. Funtivity's team play mode brings people together through collaborative and friendly activities. Strengthen connections, spark enthusiasm, and elevate the overall event experience for teams.
Large Events
Elevate Gatherings: Hybrid Experiences and Seamless Webinars
Transform gatherings with Funtivity's large event features. Host hybrid experiences merging virtual and in-person interactions.
Conduct flawless webinars, ensuring seamless communication and engagement for diverse event scales.
Hybrid Events
Virtual & Physical Unite: Seamless Experiences
Elevate events with Funtivity's Hybrid mode. Seamlessly blend virtual and in-person experiences, offering participants the flexibility to engage from anywhere. Foster connections in a diverse and inclusive environment.
Engage Virtually: Impactful Online Presentations
Host flawless webinars with Funtivity. From interactive presentations to Q&A sessions, ensure a seamless virtual experience. Engage your audience effectively and deliver impactful content with confidence.
Summary & Metrics
Insightful Summaries and Performance Metrics
Receive detailed summaries and metrics post-event, enhancing your understanding of team dynamics and social connections. Our platform delivers personalized tournament insights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, be it in the workplace or with friends.
Summary Email
Instant Insights: Recap with Summary Email
Receive concise insights with Funtivity's Summary Email feature. Get post-event highlights directly to your inbox, facilitating quick reviews and strategic planning for future engagements.
View Past Events
Learn, Reflect, Improve: Past Event Archives
Reflect and learn with Funtivity's 'View Past Events.' Access a comprehensive archive, allowing event organizers to analyze, improve, and build on previous successes for continuous enhancement
Event Summary
Data-Driven Excellence
Access detailed reports effortlessly with Funtivity's 'Event Summary.' Evaluate engagement metrics, participant feedback, and overall success, empowering organizers to refine future events for optimal impact.
Thrilling Competition: Funtivity's Tournament Triumphs
Elevate competition with Funtivity's Tournament feature. Seamlessly organize and track competitive events, fostering a sense of achievement and excitement among participants for a memorable and engaging experience.
Custom Content
Tailor your event with Funtivity's customization suite. From content to delivery, empower organizers with flexible
choices for a unique, engaging, and seamlessly integrated event experience.
Precision Crafting: Tailor Every Detail
Exercise full control with Funtivity's Manual customization. Tailor event elements precisely to match your vision, ensuring a bespoke and curated experience that aligns perfectly with your objectives.
Dynamic Adaptation: AI-Powered Personalized Experiences
Embrace innovation with Funtivity's AI customization. Let artificial intelligence dynamically adapt event elements, providing participants with personalized and responsive experiences, ensuring engagement and satisfaction
OneDrive/GDrive Integration
Cloud Harmony: OneDrive and GDrive Integration
Seamlessly integrate content with Funtivity's cloud integration. Effortlessly access and incorporate files from OneDrive or Google Drive, streamlining the customization process for an enhanced and efficient event experience.
Custom Branding
Brand Brilliance: Unleash Unique Event Identity
Stamp your event with a unique identity using Funtivity's Custom Branding. Enhance brand recognition, foster a cohesive atmosphere,
and leave a lasting impression on participants with personalized and branded experiences.
Premium Support
Insightful Summaries and Performance Metrics
Experience elite event assistance with Funtivity's Premium Support. Benefit from dedicated, personalized help and the expertise of professional hosts, ensuring every workplace or social event is flawlessly executed and memorable.
Dedicated Support Channels
Support Channels Unleashed
Access specialized assistance with Funtivity's Dedicated Support Channels. Ensure prompt and tailored solutions, offering organizers the support needed to address queries and enhance the overall event experience.
Assigned Customer Success Manager
Guided Success: Personal Managers, Proactive Support
Experience personalized guidance with Funtivity's Assigned Customer Success Manager. Benefit from expert advice, strategic insights, and proactive support, ensuring the success and smooth execution of your events.
Professional Hosts
Captivating Experiences: Expert-Led Event Excellence.
Elevate event quality with Funtivity's Professional Hosts. Ensure engaging and seamless execution, as experienced hosts take the lead, enhancing participant experience and leaving a lasting impression.

Integrated with your Video Conferencing platforms

Whether you're on Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, Hopin, or any other virtual platform, Funtivity is there to create
unforgettable moments of joy and collaboration for your team.