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Black Friday Escape Room

Unlock the mysteries to get out of TarMart department store!
  • Play Black Friday Escape Room as a group or in multiple teams to bond with your friends or co-workers
  • Solve multiple puzzles in different departments of the store
  • Check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle
  • Play on Zoom, Webex or on Hermis

You were so excited to shop early this year that you sneaked into the department store late the night before Black Friday. There are such great deals! Unfortunately for you, you triggered the automatic locks. The system locked all the doors between each department of the store. Now you’ll have to unlock each one to get out. Fortunately, there are door codes hidden in every department. Hurry! The security guard comes by once an hour - you don’t want to get caught.

This holiday, enjoy playing virtual Escape Room game online for Team building & bonding with your friends or remote team. Enjoy playing the game on your favorite Video Conferencing platform including Zoom & Webex. There are several Escape Room puzzle ideas for you to choose from including holiday-themed escape rooms, Escape room for Halloween and more.

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