Supercharge Teambuilding & Celebrations

A great way to build camaraderie among co-workers by engaging in fun interactive activities like team vs team games or for fun networking events like Mingle - all within your favorite video-conferencing platfrom.

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Bring your remote teams together for fun team building events and celebrations.
Whether it's for a small team or a company all-hands, Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings

Use Cases

Funtivity can be used in a variety of ways along the employee's journey in your company! Whether it's for team meetings or project milestones, Funtivity has something for everyone.

Team Meetings

Start your team meetings with a quick 5-minute ice breaker activity

Project Milestones

Recognize contributions & celebrate milestones with custom activities

All Hands

Engage your employees with a quick trivia game while waiting for everyone to join

Cultural Celebrations

Choose from a plethora of activities & custom themes to celebrate anything


Keep your interns engaged with weekly activities & networking events


Great way to engage attendees during breaks or for networking

Corporate event planners, get your employees ready to have some fun!

Start your meetings with a 5-minute Trivia, Doodle Challenge or a One Minute Story. With curated content for DE&I, ERGs or general trivia, bringing your team together is a breeze

Contact your IT Administrator to enable Funtivity in Webex

Your System Administrator for Webex will need to enable Funtivity in the Webex Control Hub

Make the
Team Building

Customize your team building event the
way you want to make it a success



Choose from a plethora of activities & themes to get started


Funtivity has an enormous collection of activities & themes for calendar events.

Measure Engagement

Easy to measure and track engagement among your employees

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