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Engaging training content your
team will remember
Elevate knowledge retention with engaging learning content delivered in a dynamic,
interactive, live, and secure training environment.
Knowledge Games:                Instant Engagement
Transform Training Content into Unforgettable Interactive Experiences

Automatically Create Engaging Content

With our AI-powered engine take your learning content in any format from any location to generate engaging content
Learning content
Funtivity AI
Interactive Learning

Use 30+ Activities for Playful Learning

Transform your content into engaging games in seconds, empowering employees to learn while they play. Choose from a wide range of fun activities like Bingo, Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Name That Song, Charades, Celebrity Face Mashup, and many more!
Robust Security
Train confidently with robust security infrastructure. Your data is safeguarded by enterprise-level security measures, ensuring peace of mind. We proudly adhere to SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and AICPA's SOC standards, prioritizing the security of your information.
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Enterprise security for your data
We’re SOC2 Type II compliant with AICPA’s SOCfor Organizations
Seamless Integration
Experience the ease of integration as Funtivity seamlessly connects with popular platforms like Notion, Box, Google Drive, Confluence, Docebo, Cornerstone, SharePoint, OneDrive and more. Effortlessly consolidate work across these tools, streamlining workflow for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

What everyone is saying about Funtivity!

Employee Engagement is the emotional commitment of an employee to the company, its goals and fellow colleagues.
Exceptional customer support experience! Encountered an issue and Funtivity by Hermis’ support team promptly set my environment up so that I could host my virtual event. Their friendliness and patience made all the difference. Thank you Hermis!
Kristin H
Absolutely impressed with the platform's seamless technology and user-friendly interface. The transition was incredibly smooth. Even with a room of senior professionals, everyone was actively engaged and participating. A true game-changer!
Vik S
Zoom Inc
Hermis has really helped welcome new hires (or Zoomies) into the finance team and
learn some fun facts about team members.
Casey C
Hermis makes it easy to stay connected and engage with team members
distributed all across the globe.
Lynn E
Proper Planning
Hermis enabled us to have a great experience in a hybrid event of 300 people
with fully customizable fun activities!
Lester A
Sales Roads
Funtivity improved our internal engagement scores with employees, which is hard to do.
Our Solutions
For Learning
Make your learning content engaging!
A secure, gamified learning solution using AI, designed for large organizations, that can swiftly transform knowledge bases and content - documents, presentations and even videos - into fun, interactive and engaging games like Bingo, Trivia or Scavenger Hunt in a matter of seconds, instead of days and weeks.

Use Cases: Funtivity Enhances Learning Engagement

Funtivity revolutionizes learning with features like a versatile dashboard, specialized modules for sales, marketing, upskilling, change management, and more. Elevate your skills and knowledge in a captivating and interactive way.
For Meetings
To make routine meetings more engaging!
Energize meetings effortlessly with Funtivity's AI-powered gamification. Transform average sessions like Team Meetings, Onboarding, All Hands, etc into dynamic experiences. Leverage our innovative platform to engage teams with interactive challenges, fostering collaboration and creativity. Elevate meetings with excitement and purpose, driving impactful outcomes.

Use Cases: Funtivity Enhances Meetings Engagement

Elevate collaboration with Funtivity! Transform team building, all hands meetings, onboarding, tournaments, and DE&I events into engaging experiences. Foster connection, boost morale, and create memorable moments with us.
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Why Funtivity for learning?

Funtivity is a secure, time-efficient, and engaging enterprise solution tailored for organizations managing extensive content libraries amidst a dynamic employee landscape. Our platform encourages not just content consumption but also ongoing review and engagement.
Time saving
Use our secure AI to go through your content and generate all the questions that take you from days to minutes.
Secure (Enterprise Ready)
Your IT team will approve adding this one vs. the consumer-like gamification providers.
Highly engaging
We have been building fun games for years used by 100s of thousands of people.