Corporate Training

Corporate training doesn't have to be boring and sleepy. Activate your audience with interactive and engaging content. Pump up your training to a new level.

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Use cases

There are numerous types of training events that you can create for your organization.

Large Events

Employee L&D

Enable the L&D team to successfully teach and create a strong workforce.

Large Events

Customer Advisory Board

Effectively share feedback from customers to the sales and marketing teams.

Large Events

Executive Offsites

Invigorate leaders with training and best practices to build a world class team.

Looking for A Custom Training

Successful corporate training makes for a stronger workforce.

Corporate Training Feature Highlights

Get those team members and company leaders in academic shape.


Quizzes to ensure everyone comes in prepared for the training.

Real-Time Checklist

Allow each attendee to work through a checklist independently while participating in a group with their peers.

Breakout Sessions

Allow attendees to go to breakout sessions to brainstorm in pre-assigned groups to maximize the learning.

Customize the Agenda

Schedule events in the order that works best for your team

Customize Networking

Set up 1:1 networking sessions for attendees

Customize the Content

Tailor content to your audience

Make Corporate Training Engaging

Customize your corporate training event the way you want to make it a success.

Integrated with your Video Conferencing solution

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Companies invest millions of dollars a year in employee training, but invest very little to ensure that the virtual training sessions are truly engaging. It's so easy to flip the script on that mundane training curriculum and actually engage your distributed team.