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Hermis is the end-to-end event engagement platform powering immersive, intuitive, and inclusive virtual, hybrid events.

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Use cases

There are numerous types of large events that you can apply to your organization.

Large Events

All Hands

Celebrate company milestones, employee awards, audience polls.

Large Events

Cultural Events

Celebrate cultural festivals and holidays: LGBT Pride Month, Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Diwali, etc.

Large Events


Engage audiences with polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Looking for Custom Large Events Management?

With just one tool, Hermis allows event planners to create customized events that hosts live streamed or pre-recorded content, 1:1 video meetings, personalized agendas, virtual activities, and more.

Large Events Feature Highlights

A succesful onboarding process helps new hires get established faster and ready to work.

Breakout Sessions

Allow attendees to go to breakout sessions to collaborate in groups and maximize learning or productivity.

Play an Activity

Ensure team members don't get lost in the crowd by engaging every single attendee in interactive activities or 1:1 networking.

Check off To-Do's

Set up your event and pre-schedule agenda items to leave less empty space and tackle more action items as a team.

Customize the Agenda

Design the events the way you want

Customize the Content

Tailor content to your audience

Customize Networking

1:1 networking sessions with attendees

Make Large Events Interactive & Engaging

Get the flexiblity to design an agenda that works for you.

Integrated with your Video Conferencing solution

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Large virtual events are now the norm and not the exception. More than any other, large events must create meaningful engagement among attendees. Hosting a large virtual event without deeply engaging activities is a mistake.