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Gingerbread Factory Escape Room

Solve the puzzles and fix the machines in the Gingerbread Factory.
  • Play the Gingerbread Factory Escape Room as a group or in multiple teams to bond with your friends or co-workers
  • Fix the broken machines in different parts of the factory
  • Check out hints along the way to help you solve the puzzle
  • Play on Zoom, Webex or on Hermis


Greetings Gingerbread Candy Factory Repair Crew! Thank you so much for coming tonight, you can’t imagine the bind we’re in! Our factory has shut down and we need to have it up and running in the next hour. If we don’t, the poor children will have no gingerbread or candy for the holidays! As you know, our factory makes 5 different confections. Somehow they all have problems and need to be re-started. Can you and your team work together to get the factory going again?

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