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Doodle Challenge

Popular game of quickly drawing to depict a word
  • Popular game for small or large groups
  • Great for showing off rudimentary sketching skills
  • Inferring with only minimal information available

How to play

  • In each turn ONE player will be selected and they will get words to choose
  • The player is presented with THREE options (Difficult/Medium/Easy) to the users to draw a word,
  • The player can choose to "Skip" their turn
  • Once the word is selected, the player will see drawing board with pencil options to start drawing
  • The opponents can guess the word by typing in their answers
  • After ~50% time elapsed, the hints will start appearing (one character at a time) on the top of the drawing board


  • Points for awarded for both the player drawing and the players guessing correctly
  • There's no penalty for guessing multiple times
  • The scoring is based on time - the fastest player to guess correctly gets the most points
  • For the Player, the score is: % of time remaining in the round + Average of participant scores who guessed correctly before the hint showed up
  • For the participants, the score is: % of time remaining in the round

Scoring Example

  • Let's say there are 3 players playing the game with a 120 seconds (2 minutes) timeout per round
  • Player A is drawing, Player B guessed in 12 seconds and Player C guessed in 60 seconds
  • Player A's score will be: 90 + (90 + 50)/2 = 160
  • Player B's score will be: 90
  • Player C's score will be: 50

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