Funtivity by Hermis for Webex

Enabling distributed teams to connect and network with each other through a wide range of activities.


Welcome to Funtivity by Hermis. You can use Funtivity to bring your remote team together over a fun activity.

Funtivity by Hermis is an app for Webex that allows the meeting participants to play activities like Trivia, Bingo, Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt and more. Funtivity has a plethora of activities & content for a wide variety of occasions including Team building, Conference breakout sessions, Cultural events and more. With more than a dozen different activities and meticulously crafted events for all occasions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Once the app is installed, browse the available pre-curated events, pick the the one that everyone likes, and click “Start Event” to get started. You can invite other meeting participants by using the “Send App” feature. For participants that join late, a hint is shown to join the event when they open the app.

If you’re looking for something custom or to host an event, feel free to contact us!

Enable Funtivity

  1. Before we start, be sure to contact your IT Administrator for Webex to enable Funtivity for your organization. This can be done on the Webex Control Hub by visiting -> Management -> Apps
  2. Enable Embedded Apps for your organization. This ensures that the Apps icon is visible to your Organization members.

  1. On the same page, navigate to the Embedded Apps tab
Webex Control Hub - Embedded Apps

  1. Select ‘Funtivity by Hermis’ in the Apps list and click on ‘Approve’ to approve the use of Funtivity in your organization

  1. And that’s it! You can now start using Funtivity on Webex

Using Funtivity

  1. Start a Webex meeting and click on the Apps icon. You should see ‘Funtivity by Hermis’
  1. Launch ‘Funtivity by Hermis’.
  • As a first-time user, you’ll be prompted to register with your name
  • If you’re already registered, you’ll be taken to the Funtivity Home page
  1. You can select any activity you like by hovering over the activity and click “Start”. For example, when you hover on ‘You’re smarter than you think’ activity, you’ll see a ‘Start’ button. Clicking on the ‘Start’ button will prompt you for confirmation to start the activity.
  1. This will launch the activity. At this point, the ‘Open Together’ button will be enabled that can be used to share the application with other participants in the meeting.
  1. After the activity launches, click on the ‘Open Together’ button that shows up at the bottom of the screen. This will launch the application for all participants.
Funtivity - Open Together
  1. When the activity starts, you’ll be prompted to select a Content pack theme. Content pack themes allows you to play your favorite activity for different themes. For ex., some themes are: Halloween, Star Wars Day, Disney, and more. At Hermis, we’re building new Content Pack themes every month for a wide variety of occasions. If you don’t see a theme you like, please be sure to contact your Hermis Support agent.
Funtivity - Content Pack Selection
  1. The “Attendees” icon can be used to see who has joined the Funtivity.
Layer 1
  1. At any point in the activity, you can change the Event host. The event host controls which activity is being played and has the ability to end the event. Please note that an Event Host can be different from the Webex meeting Host.  The Event Host does not have the same permissions as a Webex meeting host.
  2. The Event Host can click on “Start activity” for any of the activities listed in the agenda.
  3. When an activity is started, you’ll notice an instruction screen with an overview of how the activity will be played.
Funtivity - Activity Instructions
  1. After reviewing the activity instructions, click on “Got It”. This is the last step before launching the activity. The Event Host will see a page like this:
Layer 2
  1. When the Event host clicks on the “Start the Funtivity” button, a page like this will appear. At this point, the activity has started. All the meeting participants will see the same screen. The participants can select from the 4 choices before the timer runs out.
Layer 3
  1. Once everyone answers (or the timer runs out), you’ll be able to see what everyone answered. As an Event host, you’ll have the ability to rectify answers by clicking on the correct/wrong buttons if required.
Layer 4
  1. At any point during the activity, the Event Host can click on the “Skip to End” button. This will prompt for a confirmation before taking you to the last step of the activity.
Layer 5
  1. On the last step of the activity, you can see the Score summary like the one below:
Layer 6
  1. At this point, you’re ready to end the activity. Click on the “End” button on the footer. This should give a confirmation popup like the one below. Please note that only the Event host can end an activity. The event participants cannot terminate the activity.
Layer 7
  1. When the activity terminates, you’ll be redirected back to the Event page where you can launch a new activity again by clicking on the “Agenda” button on the bottom bar.
  1. To end the event, click on the “End Event” icon at the bottom of the window.
  1. Clicking on “End Event” will end the event and should take the user back to the “Funtivity” home page.


While we’ve tested various scenarios to ensure you have a seamless experience, there may be some issues you may run into.  Please contact us for assistance. Here are some common scenarios that you may encounter:

  • Unable to enable the Funtivity by Hermis application: Please check if you have the Admin permissions for Webex meetings in the Webex Control Hub.
  • The application does not load:  Please check internet connectivity. Visit to see if the page is loading on your system default browser. If that’s working but you’re still not able to see the Funtivity home page in Webex, please contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need an account to play activities? You don’t need an account to play Funtivity. However, please note that the Funtivity event can only be created within a meeting and shared with other meeting attendees.
  2. Can I create an event ahead of time? For the current version of the release, we only have the ability to create events during an active Webex meeting. However, soon after GA we will be adding a Login capability where you can customize the event and plan for it ahead of time.
  3. Does it cost to use Funtivity? Funtivity is free for up to 4 users for 15 minutes. We have a plethora of free events and activities for you to choose from. In the future, we will be adding premium events and activities. Additionally, you can personalize your experience with custom event and theme for a premium.
  4. What about Security & Privacy? Funtivity by Hermis is committed to guarding your privacy and data security. Funtivity collects your personal information and the meeting details to help facilitate the activities played in the meeting. We do not share your information with third parties. Please see the details of Terms of service here.