Supercharge Your
Cultural Tournaments

Employees & teams love fun competitions. Provide the platform for employees to easily challenge each other.

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Use cases

There are numerous types of large events that you can apply to your organization.

Large Events

Game Week

Plan a special agenda with general or custom content for your team to enjoy

Large Events

D&I Celebration

Bring awareness about a community with events throughout the month

Large Events

Recurring Activities

Create valuable memories and a more connected work environment, anytime

Looking for A Custom Tournament?

Activity tournaments keep competitive employees engaged over long durations.

Tournament Feature Highlights

Get your culture to be humming with events the span across a duration

Plan your events

Curate your events with activities ahead of time

Manage the invites

Set your attendees and send calendar invites


Track scores and let competitive energy flow

Customize the Agenda

Plan events in an order that works for you

Customize the Content

Tailor content to your audience

Customize the Events

Engage large audiences all together, or even let attendees participate 1:1

Tournaments Engaging

Customize your tournament event the way you want, to make it a success

Integrated with your Video Conferencing solution

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Employees and teams love competition and tournament-style activities keep groups engagement through multiple discrete events. Empower employees to create their own tournament challenges and run viral events anytime.