Hosting DE&I Events with Hermis & Funtivity

Engage and Celebrate your Team through DE&I + Cultural Events

Here at Hermis, We believe that engagement matters.

In a world of highly distributed employees and hybrid workplaces, keeping teams socially connected and engaged has never been more important. With Funtivity, we strive to achieve three main goals with our cultural content.

-Create a space where distributed colleagues can come together and engage with each other while considering important cultural topics.

-Add an element of fun to culturally relevant topics. We believe that exploring cultural themes can be both educational and enjoyable.

-Get conversations started. Once you can bring people together with smiles on their faces, future discussions become much more natural and genuine.

Now that you've invested in our tools to help bring these events to life, here are a few tips and ideas to keep your DE&I events program running smoothly and consistently year-round. If there is DE&I or cultural event you are celebrating that you'd like to see new content for, please email us anytime at

A Large Variety of Activities

Our team is constantly working to add new and interesting activities to support DE&I + Cultural programming. Many activities also allow you to dive deeper into DE&I topics with themed content packs that make activities both fun and educational.

VIP Hosts Available

Our professional staff are host facilitation experts and will up-level any event with vibrant personality. Some hosted events are included with many subscriptions and additional hosted events are always available at an added cost.

Explore our DE&I Content
with these Activities

Our version of the classic, Pictionary.

A favorite for diverse groups.

100’s of different options.

Which one doesn't belong?

Our version of the classic, Family Feud.

Small teams work together to complete missions.

and many more..

Here is just a sampling of the DE&I and
Cultural Events you can host using premium
content available on Funtivity!

Use Case Ideas

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