Host Guide-
Funtivity App on Zoom

This guide offers helpful tips and instructions that will prepare you to make the most of your premium Funtivity subscription.

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On behalf of all of the Hermis team - we are so glad to be launching this new partnership with your organization.

Every day, Hermis and Funtivity help address problems with retention, meeting burnout, and disengagement among distributed, remote, or hybrid employees. This guide offers helpful tips and instructions that will prepare you to make the most of your premium Funtivity subscription.

As a new member of our user community, it's important that you know a few key pieces of information before you get started:

  • To receive support, ask a question, or provide feedback, email us anytime at

  • Check out the Hermis, Inc Youtube Channel or visit to learn more.

  • You can submit feedback ratings in-app, using the in-app 'Contact Us' form, or by reaching out directly to our Customer Success team via email.

Funtivity App on Zoom: Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting for Event Hosts

• If someone is unable able to hear or is not being heard, please ask them to rejoin and reconnect their webcam or microphone. This generally solves 90% of such issues.

• If someone is having issues with wireless earphones, please ask them to check that the audio device is indeed connected to the laptop & not to another device like a phone.

• If you, the host, are having any odd “bug” issues with activities ending or questions being accidentally skipped, please be sure that you are not inadvertently touching your mouse/trackpad and clicking the “End Activity” or “Skip” button without realizing it.

• If you are not seeing an option, like trivia answers or a text box, please try scrolling up/down/sideways. The size of your Zoom window view may affect how the app displays on your screen. You can pop out the window if you'd like.

• If you are not the Zoom meeting organizer or host, you can still launch a Funtivity. If you will be leading the group, open your app and select the activity then invite others. In this case, if the meeting owner or another guest who does not have a host license initiates the activity, they will be limited to only playing free content with 4 users for 15 minutes max. If this happens, have them click 'End Funtivity Session' in the bottom right, then 'End Event'. You can then launch your event freely.

• If you have any other issues these tips don't resolve, please contact

Funtivity App on Zoom: Tips & Best Practices

General Best Practices for Event Participants

• Prior to joining all events, we highly recommend that all participants update their Zoom client to the latest version (5.11 or higher) to access all the latest features and functionalities for Zoom and Funtivity.

• Zoom has not yet introduced the capability to use apps on a browser or mobile but this is expected sometime in late 2022. Do not use a mobile device to join a Funtivity event on Zoom.

• Most issues with connection and inability to access an ongoing Funtivity can be solved by updating your Zoom client
and re-joining.

Tips for Event Hosts

• We recommend opening the room at least 5 minutes early to welcome guests as they arrive, especially for first-time attendees.

• In your event invitation, encourage guests to come ready to participate with their webcam and microphone on, to increase engagement with the activities and each other.

• Remember to fully explain both the agenda overview & individual activities when the event begins. This can help guests feel more comfortable and prepared to fully engage in the day's activities.

• Guest Mode allows users who do not have the app installed to play along with you. After selecting the activity you will use, click the 'Collaborate' button. Others will be prompted to click 'Join'. Guest mode is only available with Zoom version 5.11 or later.

For trivia, instruct players that once they click an answer, it cannot be changed. This drives collaboration, engagement, and a spirit of competition. Most activities also have an audible timer to help players answer on time.


1. How do I sign-up?

As part of your host license, you are automatically signed up for “Funtivity by Hermis” on Zoom and can access all premium content.

2. How do I download?

Click the Apps tab within Zoom, search the Discover tab for “Funtivity by Hermis”. Click 'Add'. You will be prompted to log in to enable access.

3. How do I start an activity?

Click your Apps button within Zoom to open the sidebar. Select Funtivity, then double click to launch one of the many available activities! To play a group activity, invite others when prompted, or click 'Collaborate' to use Guest Mode.

4. What is Guest Mode?

Guest Mode allows users who don't have the Funtivity app installed to still participate in an ongoing activity. As host, select your activity then send others an invite to join the app using the paper airplane button. Users will need to click 'Join' to continue. As they join, they'll appear in the list of players on your activity screen.

5. If I have a tech issue, can I get assistance?

Yes. Please email to report any issues or to send us your feedback about Funtivity.

6. Is the number of activities I can play limited?

No. Launch and enjoy as many activities as you'd like within your allotted meeting or event time!

7. Which platforms are supported?

We currently support the Windows and Mac versions of Zoom only. Web and Mobile is coming soon.

8. Is the number of activity participants limited?

Anyone can launch Funtivity, but your company Zoom license will determine limits on participation or call duration.

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