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This guide offers helpful tips and instructions that will prepare you to make the most of your premium Hermis subscription.

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On behalf of all of the Hermis team - we are so glad to be launching this new partnership with your organization.

Every day, Hermis helps leaders address problems with retention, meeting burnout, and disengagement among distributed, remote, or hybrid employees. This guide offers helpful tips and instructions that will prepare you to make the most of your premium Hermis subscription.

As a new member of our user community, it's important that you know a few key pieces of information before you get started:

Hermis Web Events: Tips & Best Practices

Tips for Event Participants

- Do not use a mobile device to join a Hermis event. The high-quality video rendering requires the capability of a laptop or desktop to create an enjoyable experience.

- Do not use a corporate VPN. If you usually use your company VPN, please log off of that prior to joining the Hermis event. This can cause connection issues.

- Please use Chrome as the preferred browser if possible. Our experience is that Chrome is the most stable for high-quality video rendering.

- If you have any other applications open that will “grab” your camera & microphone (like Zoom or WebEx or Google Meet or Snap) please close that down prior to joining the Hermis event. The Windows operating system will only allow the use of a single camera/microphone at a time and if you have another video open while on Windows, it will prevent you from joining Hermis with video &/or audio.

Best Practices for Event Hosts

- We recommend opening the room at least 5 minutes early to welcome guests as they arrive, especially for first-time attendees.

- Remember to fully explain both the agenda overview & individual activities when the event begins. This can help guests feel more comfortable and prepared to fully engage in the day's activities.

- Explain how the teams and huddles will work before starting gameplay. Try to keep no more than 3-5 people/team whenever possible.

- For trivia, mention that anyone on the team can click on the answer on behalf of the team, but they should be sure to collaborate on the answer b/c once they commit they can’t change it. Most activities also have an audible timer to help players answer on time.

Hermis Web Events: Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

- If someone is having A/V or connection issues, please first refer to the above list of Best Practices.

- If someone is having any A/V issues, like not being able to hear or not being heard, please ask them to refresh the browser. This generally solves 90%+ of such issues.

- If someone is having issues with wireless earphones, please ask them to check that the audio device is indeed connected to the laptop & not to another device like a phone.

- If you, as host, are having any odd “bug” issues with activities ending or questions being accidentally skipped, please be sure that you are not inadvertently touching your mouse/trackpad and clicking the “End Activity” or “Skip” button without realizing it.

- If you are not seeing an option like “Add to Team” or you don’t see a timer or you don’t see an attendee/team, please try scrolling up/down/sideways. There’s a good chance that everyone may be there, but your browser view may just need to page in some direction.

- If you run out of these options and are still having issues, please contact


1. How do I sign-up?

As part of your host license, you are automatically signed up for “Funtivity by Hermis” on Zoom and can access all premium content.

2. What do I need to download?

Hermis is 100% browser based and requires no app to be downloaded.

3. How do I schedule or set-up an event?

You can schedule time-specific or recurring, evergreen meeting links within your Hermis portal. You can schedule as many events as you'd like - there is no limit on the number of events you can host or activities you can add to each event's agenda. Please refer to this Hermis video that walks you through the event set-up process:

4. How can my team and I join the event?

Upon creating an event in Hermis portal, you will get an event link to share with your team. Because this platform is video intensive, it is recommended that you always use a laptop or desktop computer to join a Hermis event. Chrome is recommended for optimal video experience. Please do not join from a mobile phone web browser.

5. If I have a tech issue, can I get assistance?

Yes. If you have any questions or issues, please email and you will receive an email back within 24 hours.

6. Is the number of activities I can play limited?

No. Launch and enjoy as many activities as you'd like within your allotted meeting or event time!

7. Can I invite anyone on the team to play?

Absolutely. It’s as easy as sharing the event link with any colleague.

8. Is the number of activity participants limited?

Yes. Each event room is limited to 50 total attendees, but you can run an unlimited number of identical rooms in parallel if you would like to host a group larger than 50. This is done to protect the inclusive ability for everyone to participate.

9. Can we play activities as small teams or as individuals?

Our goal is to improve team chemistry and socialization, so we strongly encourage that you try out team-based activities as well as activities with individual scoring. All activities have the option to be played in solo mode or team mode. Certain activities, such as Bingo, Charades, or Doodle Challenge, are best enjoyed when scoring in solo mode. To get the best team bonding experience from activities like Escape Room, Trivia, or others, we suggest setting up groups of at least 3-5 players each.

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