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Trivia is an exciting online platform that offers a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge on various topics. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of categories to choose from, the game promises an immersive and interactive experience for players of all ages.

Trivia: A Fun and Exciting Way to Enjoy

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Bring your remote teams together for fun team building events and celebrations.  Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands,  Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings. Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands,  Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings.

Why Trivia?

Trivia games are an excellent team-building activity for corporates as they promote healthy competition, collaboration, and communication among employees. They offer a break from the routine and create a relaxed and fun environment. Additionally, corporate trivia games can be customized to include company-specific questions, promoting brand awareness and employee engagement.
1. Enhancing knowledge:

Playing trivia helps to broaden your knowledge base across various topics. Trivia games cover a range of topics, including history, science, geography, pop culture, and current events.

2. Cognitive Training:

Trivia requires you to use your memory and recall abilities, think critically, and make quick decisions. Mental exercises can help improve cognitive function and boost brainpower.

3. Reducing stress:

Playing trivia can be a fun and engaging way to take a break from the stresses of daily life. It can also help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

4. Socializing:

Playing trivia with friends, family, or other players can be a fun and engaging way to build social connections and strengthen relationships.

5. Boosting confidence:

Successfully answering trivia questions can be a confidence booster, especially if you're able to beat other players or achieve a high score. There are many different types of trivia games.

6. Entertainment:

Trivia games are fun and entertaining, Playing trivia is a fun and engaging way to learn new things, improve cognitive function, and provide entertainment.


How to Play Trivia?

Bring your remote teams together for fun team building events and celebrations. Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands,  Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings. Whether it's for a small team or company all-hands,  Funtivity will bring joy to your meetings.
1. Select theme

Funtivity offers a variety of themes to select from when planning an online Trivia, including theme based challenges, and custom themes.

2. Team or solo

Select your option as team mode or solo mode. Teamwork allows for collaboration and diverse perspectives, but solo work can foster self-reliance and independent thinking. Both approaches have their benefits in different contexts.

3. Create teams

Split into teams and compete to answer questions on various topics. Promotes teamwork and friendly competition while testing knowledge.

4. Read the question

Read the question carefully examining the presented question and its details to come up with the correct answer in a trivia game.

5. Pick the answer

Select the correct option from a list of choices provided for a given question in a trivia. Make sure its a correct answer.

6. Or type in the answer

This format requires the player to type the correct answer to a trivia question, rather than choosing from multiple options."

7. Timer

Trivia games that adds a time limit to each question, increasing the level of difficulty and adding urgency to the game. Ensure to submit your correct answer before the timer runs out.

8. Submit the answer once

Players can only submit their answer once per question, increasing the stakes and making careful consideration of each answer essential.

9. Correct answers

After each question and the answer submission, displays the number of correct answers each player has, creating a competitive and engaging atmosphere.

10. Skip or next question

"Skip or go to next question" is an option in trivia games that allows players to bypass a question they do not know the answer to and move on to the next one.

11. Host: Correct answers

The game host reviews and corrects answers submitted by players to ensure accuracy and fairness in the game if required.

12. Celebrate the win

Celebrating the win on an Trivia can include recognition, prizes, and feedback to create a positive experience and encourage future participation.

Plan Your Trivia Activity

A popular pastime from ages that can be played in any setting. Choose from an existing question pack, or create your own! And play as individuals or as part of a team. As a team, you go into a “huddle”, where you can freely discuss without worrying about anyone overhearing your answers.


Choose the day of the event, define the purpose or goal for the event, and choose a theme that matches the spirit of the event.


Choose between Escape Room theme based on a topic, you can use a pre-existing content or create your own content.


There are multiple tasks listed and once you complete the tasks get awarded.


Send invitations to all the attendees. Mention the theme and prizes in the invite. Get your employees to order food and beverages to partake in the event.


Get a couple of helpers to do a dry-run of the event, so that you understand the quirks of the tool and can run the event flawlessly on the day of the event.


When the attendees show up to the virtual meeting, welcome them. Set the context of the meeting so that they are pumped to participate in the event.

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