Name That Song Game
Unleash Your Inner Music Maestro
Embark on a musical journey like never before with the "Name That Song Challenge." Test your music prowess by identifying tunes in a heartbeat. Immerse yourself in a world of beats, melodies, and excitement. Fast-paced, fun, and designed for all music enthusiasts. Hit "Play Now" and prove you're the ultimate maestro!

"Play Name That Song - Virtual Challenge"

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Play Name That Song Game  Online

From pop to rock to hip hop, Name That Song covers a wide range of musical genres, making it a fun and diverse game for all music lovers.
  • Play Name That Song as an individual or in teams to bond with your friends or co-workers.
  • See if your team can figure out the song from the tune.
  • Play on Zoom, Webex or on Hermis.
Are you a music lover? Find out with Name That Song! A clip of a few seconds is played and you will have to identify it.

Different genres of music are available for your entertainment. Hop on a game of Name That Song for a fun break now!
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Play Name That Song Game & Have Fun with Friends
Engage, Compete, and Revel in Musical Mastery
Elevate training materials with diverse elements like activities, videos, infographics, and interactive features.
Enhance engagement, comprehension, and retention for effective education.
Play for free
Enjoy the thrill without spending a dime.
Solo or Social Play
Challenge yourself or compete with friends.
Diverse Music Genres
Explore pop to classical, broadening your musical taste.
Boosts Cognitive Skills
Sharpen your mind by recognizing tunes swiftly.
Stress Relief
Dive into music for a relaxing escape.
Friendly Competition
Foster healthy rivalries with friends and worldwide players.
Discover New Favorites
Find hidden gems, expanding your music repertoire.
Adaptable Difficulty Levels
Suitable for beginners or seasoned music gurus.

How to Play Name That Song?

Listen to short song clips and guess the title and artist in a race against time with Funtivity's Name That Song game.
1. Select theme & get started

First, think about the group of people who will be playing the game. What kind of music do they enjoy? Are they familiar with a particular decade or genre? You want to choose a theme that everyone is comfortable with and will enjoy..

2. Select solo or team mode

When playing "Name That Song," you can choose to play in solo or team mode. Solo mode is for individuals who compete against each other to name the song title and artist. In team mode, players are divided into teams and work together to identify the songs. The mode you choose will depend on group size and preference.

3. Create one or more teams

To create teams, divide players into groups of two or more and have each team choose a unique name. Teams can work together to identify the songs, and the team captain can keep track of the score. This mode is perfect for larger groups, as it can create a more social and competitive atmosphere.

4. Hear the music clip

To make "Name That Song" a challenging trivia game, Choose well-known songs, use short clips, vary the difficulty level, and keep the volume consistent for all players. This will create a fun and engaging game that tests players' knowledge of music.

5. Pick from the answer choices

Players can be given multiple answer choices to pick from when identifying the song title and artist. To make the game more challenging, include some plausible but incorrect answer choices. This can make it more difficult for players to identify the correct answer and add an element of strategy to the game.

6. Answer before the time runs out

Players must identify the song title and artist before time runs out. This adds an element of excitement and urgency to the game, encouraging players to think quickly and act fast. It's important to set a reasonable time limit for each round and keep the game moving to maintain momentum and keep players engaged.

7. No retries once you submit

Players are challenged to guess the title and artist of a song from a short clip with no retries allowed. The game tests your music knowledge and speed, as you race against time to submit your answer. Can you get them all right without a second chance?"

8. See who got correct answer

Players receive immediate feedback on whether their answers are correct or wrong after each song clip. The game keeps track of the total number of correct and wrong answers and displays the results at the end of the game, allowing players to see how well they did and which songs they may need to brush up on."

9. Host: Correct answers if required

The host has the ability to edit answers submitted by players. This feature can be useful in cases where a player's answer is misspelled or incorrectly entered, allowing the host to correct it and ensure a fair outcome.

10. Go to the next question

Funtivity's game platform allows players to skip a question and move on to the next one if they are unsure of the answer. Additionally, players can choose to end the game at any time and see their final score. This feature provides flexibility and convenience to players, allowing them to customize their gameplay experience according to their preferences and schedule."

11. Celebrate the win

After completing a game of Funtivity's Name That Song, players are given the option to celebrate their win by sharing their score on social media or with friends. This feature allows players to share their achievement and compete with others, adding a social element to the game and enhancing the overall experience of playing Name That Song on Funtivity's game platform

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