Forbidden Words Game
Game where you can’t say certain words
Embark on a linguistic adventure with Forbidden Words! Navigate the challenge, express yourself freely, but tread carefully—beware the forbidden words that add an exciting twist to this engaging and thrilling game!

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Virtual Forbidden Words Game

Popular board game of guessing without using taboo words
  • Great game for a small group - everyone gets a chance to play and enjoy.
  • Get your team to guess correctly - and don't get buzzed for using a taboo word.
  • Get competitive and try to get as many points as you can during your turn.
Dive into a fresh take on the classic Taboo game! Take turns guessing without taboo words, challenge opponents with strategic clues, and rack up points. Review and correct after each round for seamless gameplay. Decide on more rounds and keep the excitement going!
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Play Forbidden Words & Have fun with friends!!!
Decode the reel, feel the thrill – Guess the Movie!
Forbidden Words is a fun game to play with friends where players must guess words without using certain forbidden words listed on the card.
It's a great way to have a good time and challenge your communication skills.
Play for free
Experience the excitement without any cost.
Solo or Social Play
Challenge yourself or compete with friends.
Diverse Categories
Explore a wide range of charades categories, movies to actions & more.
Enhances Communication Skills
Sharpen your ability to convey ideas with precision by avoiding forbidden words in this lively and interactive game.
Stress Relief
Immerse yourself in the engaging world of Forbidden Words for a break filled with laughter and light-hearted competition.
Friendly Competition
Foster a sense of friendly rivalry with friends or participants from around the virtual gaming community.
Encourages quick thinking
Sharpen quick thinking, effective clues, and on-the-spot guessing skills for endless fun!"
Adaptable Difficulty Levels
Tailor the challenge to your comfort level, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both word aficionados and newcomers alike.

How to Play Forbidden Words?

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1. Create one or more teams

Forbidden words is a team-based guessing game where players try to get their teammates to guess a word or phrase without using any of the forbidden words listed on the card. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. It's a fun and challenging way to test your vocabulary and communication skills!

2. Everyone takes turns to play starting with the first person joined

The game begins with the first player giving a clue to help their team guess a secret word, but they must do so without using any of the "forbidden" words listed on the card. Once their team correctly guesses the word or time runs out, the next player takes their turn as the clue giver, and so on. This continues until all players have had a chance to give clues, and the team with the most correct guesses at the end wins the game.

3. What you see

When it's your turn, your teammates don't see the words but your opponents can see the words, and can buzz if you, the clue giver, use a banned word. Get more than one word guessed by your team during their turn

4. What your team sees

In the game of Forbidden Words, one player must describe a word to their team without using certain "forbidden" words. The other team members cannot see the forbidden words, but the opposing team can. The goal is to get the team to guess the word before the opposing team can score points.

5. What your opponents see

The opposing team can see the forbidden words, which adds a level of strategy to the game as players must carefully choose their words to avoid giving away any clues to the other team.

6. See a summary

In the game of Forbidden Words, each team can see a summary of the words they need to guess. This allows them to strategize and coordinate their efforts to guess the words while avoiding the "forbidden" words.

7. Turn change to opponent team

Players take turns describing words to their team while their opponents keep track of the "forbidden" words. The describing player changes after each turn, so everyone gets a chance to play and describe words.

8. Celebrate the win

The goal is to get teammates to guess the word as quickly as possible, without breaking the rules. Points are awarded based on successful guesses, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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