Funtivity Virtual Bingo Game
Have fun with the teammates
Boost team morale and foster connection with Funtivity Bingo online, a virtual game that sparks joy and camaraderie in team meetings, seamlessly blending fun and connectivity as you create Bingo cards, share smiles, and forge memorable experiences, no matter where your team is located

Play Bingo Online with Friends for Free

Add engagement to your team building event with custom content and activities!

Virtual Team Building with Bingo

Experience endless fun and excitement with Funtivity Bingo
  • Unite teams across distances for enhanced virtual camaraderie.
  • Customize Bingo cards for a personalized, engaging team experience.
  • Create lasting memories with laughter-filled Funtivity Bingo rounds.
Elevate your team's spirit with Funtivity Bingo, a virtual game designed for seamless team bonding. Tailor the fun by creating custom Bingo cards that resonate with your team's interests. Whether in virtual meetings or team-building sessions, Funtivity Bingo turns moments into cherished memories, fostering connection and laughter across any distance.
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Play for free
Experience the excitement of Bingo without any cost, making it an accessible and budget-friendly pastime.
Solo or Social Play
Enjoy Bingo on your own or connect with friends virtually for a lively and interactive gaming session.
Diverse Categories
Explore a variety of Bingo themes, from classic to themed boards, keeping the game entertaining and dynamic.
Enhances Cognitive Skills
Stimulate your brain by staying alert and focused while marking off numbers on your virtual Bingo card.
Stress Relief
Immerse yourself in the joy of Bingo, creating a relaxing and enjoyable escape from daily pressures.
Friendly Competition
Foster a sense of community with friends or fellow Bingo enthusiasts through virtual games and friendly competitions.
Discover New Patterns
Encounter unique Bingo patterns and variations, adding excitement to each round.
Adaptable Difficulty Levels
Customize the game to your comfort level, ensuring a delightful experience for both casual players and Bingo enthusiasts.

How to Play Bingo?

Funtivity Bingo is a vibrant and user-friendly online bingo platform that offers players an exciting range of games, live hosts, jackpots, and social features. With endless entertainment options, Funtivity Bingo provides an engaging and fun-filled experience for bingo enthusiasts worldwide.

1. Select/ Change the card

Select the bingo card from the numbers or phrases option available. If you don't like the card, click on "Change the Card" and a new randomized card will be shown to you.

2. Make sure everyone joins

Before you began, the host needs to make sure that all the participants have joined the game.

3. Autopick or Draw manually

Choose the option available where automatically draw picks after certain time or click on "Draw" to pick the next Bingo word

4. Free mark off

When a word or phrase shows up in the Draw column, if you have the corresponding word or phrase, be sure to click on it to mark it off.

5. Mark off the squares

When a word or phrase shows up in the Draw column, if you have the corresponding word or phrase, be sure to click on it to mark it off.

6. Claim the pattern

Claim the pattern as soon as you complete it. Remember multiple participants may be trying to claim the pattern at the same time. If multiple people claim, the host can choose who to award the claim to.

7. Host can award Bingo Claim

In Funtivity Bingo, the host has the power to bestow Bingo claims, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the game. This feature enhances the overall experience, making it enjoyable and engaging.

8. All patterns have claimed

Make sure you claim all the patterns are claimed.

9. Celebrate the win

Be the winner of and celebrate the funtivity moment.

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