Meetings Reimagined: How Funtivity Integration Has Changed My Meetings

Imagine this: You are in the middle of an important meeting and feel the energy dwindling. Participants look disengaged. How do you revitalize the atmosphere? Enter Funtivity - the go-to app for employee engagement and gamification, seamlessly integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex!

Funtivity - A Fully Integrated Solution

Integrations make life simpler. With Funtivity easily available within popular meeting platforms, I get the ultimate package. No more juggling between web pages or trying to remember different passwords. Now, adding a new dimension to traditional meetings is just a click away!

Optimize for Organizations of All Sizes

When it comes to small or large meetings, Funtivity represents an integrated sigh of relief. Why? Centralization, customization, and scale! Integration means our team can centralize employee engagement activities, customize them according to team preferences, and scale them effortlessly across the organization. According to McKinsey, successful companies are 1.5 times more likely to use digital tools that facilitate collaboration and communication. Could Funtivity be part of your journey to success, too?

Gamification Galore 

Gamification is no child's play. It's a scientifically-backed method to motivate and engage employees. According to Gallup, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Funtivity addresses this by adding gamification to my meetings which previously felt repetitive, bland, or cold.

Low Lift, High Impact

No one likes complications. That’s why Funtivity is designed to be a low-lift solution with high impact. With Funtivity integrated into our meeting platforms, launching a quick poll or trivia doesn't require intensive planning or set-up. Moreover, Harvard Business Review highlights that consistent gamification can increase productivity and employee satisfaction. A win-win!

Seamless Transitions

Change can be daunting. But with Funtivity, it’s seamless. The app smoothly integrates with existing systems, preventing disruption to our everyday workflow. Plus, the support team is always happy to assist!

So why wait? Turn meetings into fun meetings, and bring smiles to your team’s faces. Get started with Funtivity inside your preferred meeting platform, and watch your employee engagement levels evolve!

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