Keep Your Employees Connected and Entertained

Having a Tough Time Retaining Your Distributed Team During the Great Resignation? Keep Your Employees Connected and Entertained with Hermis

The Great Resignation

Nearly 65% of all workers are considering quitting their jobs at this moment according to the latest survey results (PwC Survey). And it’s starting to happen. Companies everywhere are reporting that they are losing their employees at an astounding rate during the Great Resignation. Every employer fears being unpleasantly surprised by a key worker leaving the company. With the lost employees go all the experience they had – and all the time and money spent training them. An incalculable amount of resources go with them. What is driving this loss?

Lack of Connection and Bond With the Company

Employees report a sense of disconnection with their team when they don’t work together in-person. What’s missing? Regular conversation, motivation, brainstorming, mixing, celebrating wins, clear daily goals, collaboration and a feeling of being part of a larger team are all reasons cited for missing the office workspace. It isn’t easy to replicate these in an online environment. And workers are reluctant to return to long commutes to the office post-pandemic. They want the flexibility to work at home. Luckily, Hermis has what is needed to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person workplaces. Take a minute to think about what you need.

Bond Your Team With Virtual Funtivities

It’s time to show your employees that they are valued, respected and appreciated. Are you in charge of planning teambuilding activities for your dispersed team? Does it seem like a complicated nightmare of pulling together a virtual thing here, a meeting there and a pdf here? Did you wait until the last minute and have no idea how to pull together an entertaining and polished event? Well, your problems are solved – Hermis is a one-stop shop for all your online connection-making needs! Hermis has virtual activities to play for ⅓ hour or many hours, is easy to join, has many different activities to choose from and has a plan just for you and your team. This site makes it all straightforward with an event that’s ready to go when your team is ready.

Building Connections at Your Speed and on Your Schedule

It’s so easy to plan for a team activity. No matter how much time you want to enjoy together, it is available on Hermis. Whether it’s ½ hour or 2 hours, it’s  simple to create an event on Hermis. You can schedule games, mingle sessions, a virtual happy hour or even a costume contest. You have every opportunity to make your team’s experience with us special.

Not everyone can join at the same time? No problem, they can jump in when they’re ready. The flexibility of the event will be a crowd pleaser. Fun Friday, for example. is a great time online on Hermis.

What Sort of Activities are Available on Hermis?

Virtual games are our specialty! You can:

  • Play trivia games
  • Get to know your coworkers with icebreaker games
  • Compete at Survey Says to get the high score
  • Chat while playing a Bingo game
  • See who is the best artist with Doodle Challenge
  • Mingle with your team while you learn about their holiday plans
  • Have a costume contest with judging and points
  • Do a Scavenger Hunt and learn more about your team

Costs and Benefits of a Virtual Teambuilding Event

You’re thinking that it must be really expensive to find so much great content in one place, right? Not so fast, Hermis has one-time and subscription pricing tailor-made to your needs. Small companies and big companies with teams scattered around the country will find perfect plans.

Hermis is adding fresh content all the time, so your team will be delighted over and over. Once your team has played on Hermis, they will want to come back for more fun. Now that you’ve found Hermis, it will make it easy to plan your events for the rest of the year. Stop using the same tired and boring trivia sites and take a look at Hermis. Break free from your usual “fun” virtual happy hour conversations that drag on and on. Take the pressure off your coworkers to come up with game ideas. Let the professional team at Hermis charm and entertain you. You won’t be sorry!

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