Introducing Funtivity for Webex Meetings!

We’re excited to announce that Hermis is now available as an embedded app for Webex Meetings. It’s called “Funtivity by Hermis”. With a wide variety of activities & themed events, Funtivity is ready to make your Webex meetings a lot more joyful!

We believe the future of work is hybrid. Flexible, Inclusive, Supportive, Secure & Managed. Hermis was started on the premise that with a distributed workforce, there is no easy way for remote employees to socialize with each other.  With the launch of the app, Webex users will find it extremely easy to take a  break from the grind and have some ‘funtivity’ from within Webex.

With embedded apps for Webex, it’s easy to enable frictionless collaboration with your team while minimizing context switches. Now users can use the familiar interface of Webex and the fun elements of Funtivity to connect with others. You can use Funtivity in a variety of ways: Energize your team by launching a 5-minute Funtivity session at the beginning of your meeting to break ice. Or get your team together by dedicating an hour for team building, or using Funtivity during breakout sessions in an All Hands meeting.

Getting started with “Funtivity by Hermis” is easy.  Once you start your meeting, click on the “Apps” icon in the bottom tray.  Then search for “Funtivity” and click to launch the Funtivity App.  The same familiar interface of Hermis is now available to you from within Webex Meetings. If you don’t see the Apps icon or the Funtivity app, talk to your Webex Administrator to enable it for your organization.

We wish Funtivity enables you to learn more and bond with your team.

We’re happy to bring you this news. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you. Please schedule a demo

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