How to Make Virtual Team Meetings More Fun

Do you have a dispersed workforce that you’re trying to mold into a team? Does everyone have virtual meeting fatigue? Are you looking to liven up your meetings and break the ice? It’s so tough to pay attention with the kids making noise, the buzzer on the washer, the dog looking for attention and the phone pinging a package delivery. Hermis has great solutions to get your team to turn their cameras back on and quit checking their phones.

Lots of Activities

Virtual corporate team-building events create more of an in-office experience for your employees. Remember how eating a meal together or bumping into someone in the hall inspired creativity and helped you bond? You can have that again with a Funtivity with Hermis. Your coworkers will have smiles on their faces as you all laugh through a game, with as little as 5 minutes or over an hour.

Using Hermis, you can play a trivia game, mingle in a casual way, send your team on a scavenger hunt, play bingo or split into teams and race to escape a room. Or you can play everyone’s favorite Funivity: Where in the World? This fast-moving picture game will test your knowledge of geography. A game will get everyone talking and get their mind off the fact that they’re looking at a screen.

Lots of Events

Hermis has a Funtivity for every event on your calendar: from holidays to the Oscars, from playoff sports to Donut Day. Hermis also has games that are always available for your favorite topics like Harry Potter, Dilbert, The Simpsons and Hollywood. You can also join your team to celebrate baby showers, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Black History Month, Celebrate Your Geekness Day, National Wine and Cheese Day, Left Hander’s Day and Pride Month. No one is left out.

Make Virtual Meetings Fun

With fresh new games being released all the time, you’ll never run out of something to do on Hermis.

  • After your team scrum update, take 15mins and play Scavenger Hunt
  • Celebrate a co-worker’s special day with some Trivia
  • Welcome a new employee or summer intern with Riddle questions
  • Take a “water cooler” break with a game of Pictionary
  • After work hours, play a party game of Bingo

Your team works hard and they deserve some dedicated play time. Luckily, this fun time organically creates opportunities for everyone to pull together. And it’s super-easy to set up and launch.

Hermis is different from other team-building apps – you don’t have to schedule ahead to play a Funitivity. Our games are set up so you are the host. And you can have fun any time your group is ready.

What are you waiting for? Build and manage your team with Hermis and watch them grow!

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