How to celebrate the winter holidays with remote teams - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas / Winter / End of Year

Embrace the Festive Spirit Virtually

The winter holidays are upon us, and your remote team can celebrate with boundless enthusiasm. Funtivity by Hermis, our leading Employee Engagement and Learning solution, is your key to making these moments unforgettable. With a cornucopia of holiday activities for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the End of Year, Funtivity ensures your remote team stays connected and engaged, no matter the distance.

Spooktacular Halloween Fun

Kick off the season with Halloween delights! Explore virtual costume contests, eerie story-sharing sessions, and horror movie quizzes. Unleash the spooktacular with Funtivity's Halloween activities. Play Now

Thanksgiving Gratitude Galore

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and Funtivity helps you share warmth virtually. Host a virtual potluck, swap cherished recipes, and express your gratitude. It's a feast for the soul. Play Now

Christmas Magic in the Air

Experience the joy of Christmas with Funtivity. Decorate virtual trees, share favorite holiday tunes, and indulge in festive trivia. The spirit of giving and togetherness comes alive. Play Now

End-of-Year Celebrations

End the year on a high note with Funtivity. Reflect on your team's achievements, share resolutions, and embark on a fun-filled journey toward the new year.

Boosting Engagement with Funtivity

Funtivity's app is the hub of remote team holiday activities, enhancing engagement and fostering togetherness. Celebrate with your team and create unforgettable memories with Funtivity. The magic of the season is just a click away! Learn More

Conclusion: The Gift of Connection

This winter, let Funtivity be your guide to remote holiday magic. Celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the End of the Year with engaging activities. It's about the joy you share, no matter the distance. Happy Holidays!

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