How HR Leaders Use Funtivity To Revitalize New Hire Onboarding Programs

First impressions count, especially when welcoming new team members. The onboarding process sets the tone for an employee's journey, and here's where Funtivity takes center stage. Let’s dive into how Funtivity can sprinkle some magic into your new hire onboarding process.

Why Onboarding Matters

Onboarding is the first chapter in an employee's story at a company. It's not just about paperwork; it’s about integration into the company culture. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), effective onboarding can significantly improve job satisfaction, performance, and retention. Funtivity adds a new dimension to help you ensure that new hires aren't just onboarded, but welcomed with open arms into the community.

Gamification for the Win

Learning about a company doesn't have to be dull. According to Deloitte, gamification can foster innovation and improve employee engagement during onboarding. With Funtivity, you can turn the learning process into an adventure. Through quizzes, puzzles, and creative activities, new hires can have a much needed break from the stress of learning the ropes in a new environment.

Fostering Connections and Building Culture

A critical part of onboarding is making connections. Funtivity helps new hires connect with their colleagues through team challenges and collaborative activities. These may look like a virtual coffee break Trivia game or a collaborative Escape Room. Building these relationships early on is vital; as Harvard Business Review notes, it’s crucial for remote employees to establish networks early on.

Customization: Create Your Onboarding Odyssey

Every company is unique, and so should be the onboarding experience. Funtivity allows you to customize activities to reflect your company’s culture and values. You can create your own content for different points along the onboarding journey and use them over and over with future hires.

With its gamified learning experiences, community-building activities, customization options, and interactive feedback, Funtivity transforms new hire onboarding into an exciting, engaging, and educational journey. Get started with Funtivity and make sure your new hires' first steps are leaps and bounds in the right direction!

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