Driving Funtivity Forward: Our User Community’s Feedback in Action

At Funtivity, our core mission has always been clear: to create a unique user experience tailored to our users’ needs. As we navigate the evolving landscape of workplace gamification and virtual engagement, feedback from our users has been crucial. By listening to your insights, we can adapt, evolve, and add features that deliver better results with less lift!

Over the first half of 2023, we’ve been busy making lots of changes to our Funtivity App based on the feedback we've received from our valuable community. We’ve rolled out a series of changes that have improved ease of use and opened up lots of new use cases for Funtivity:

1. Streamlined Activity Selection:

We have overhauled our main menu and event menu, allowing users to select activities by category or by event themes, respectively. This change is designed to make the process of finding the perfect activity for your team more intuitive.

2. Activity Tracking Enhancements:

With the introduction of the 'Last Played' Green checkmark icon, users can now seamlessly track their activity play history. Additionally, our Yellow trendline icon provides insights into trending and popular activity content, ensuring you're always in the loop with what's hot.

3. Content Pack Selection Revamp:

We've enhanced our content pack selection menu by introducing new categories and ensuring image consistency across all activities. This uniformity aims to simplify selection and improve overall usability.

4. Exciting New Activities:

Based on popular demand, we've introduced engaging activities like "And the Question Is" and "Bite Size Trivia" to our roster. These additions promise to inject a fresh burst of energy into your team interactions.

5. Cutting-Edge Features:

Our drive to innovate never stops. We're thrilled to introduce the AI-powered Bingo, which makes customization of the class game almost instant. The Tournament leaderboard, launching this month, helps leadership track scores over time to boost healthy competition. Additionally, we've added custom content creation to the Funtivity app, granting you greater flexibility for learning or culture-building activities. The introduction of the QR Code function facilitates seamless transitions for hybrid activities, bridging the gap between in-person and virtual interactions.

At Funtivity, we're committed to building not just an app, but a community-driven platform. Your feedback is our roadmap, and together, we'll continue to shape the future of workplace gamification. We encourage you to dive in, explore the latest updates, and as always, share your invaluable feedback with us anytime!

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