Championing the Champions: How Corporate Funtivity Customers Celebrate Their Users

In the digital age, methods for recognizing team members going above and beyond in the workplace are evolving. For businesses embracing gamification platforms like Funtivity, identifying and celebrating in-app leaders isn't just an added perk – it's an essential strategy for fostering engagement and boosting morale. Here’s how some of our Funtivity enterprise customers are leveraging the tool with the champions on their teams.

1. Collecting Data on Leadership

Every event on Funtivity yields valuable data. By reviewing monthly data on usage, organizations can identify their champions: leaders at any level of the organization who are investing time into cultivating relationships and engagement. These metrics can help shine a spotlight on those who aren't just using the platform leisurely but are intentionally leveraging it to drive change.

2. The Power of Recognition

There's a profound sense of achievement that comes with recognition. By providing kudos,, certificates, or shout-outs to those who consistently spearhead activities, companies send a clear message: your efforts in enhancing the culture and camaraderie of our organization do not go unnoticed. These tokens of appreciation serve as a reminder of the individual’s value to the team, encouraging continued involvement and inspiring others to step up.

3. Elevate Competition with the Tournament Feature

Healthy competition can be the lifeblood of team engagement. With Funtivity's new Tournament feature, users can create leaderboards that track participants’ scores across multiple different events. Not only does this foster a sense of ongoing engagement, but it also provides a platform for top players to shine. The thrill of ascending the leaderboard, combined with the anticipation of the next challenge, creates a dynamic atmosphere of collective achievement. For a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature, be sure to check out our tutorial video here.


Funtivity is so much more than a fun app; it’s a platform for creating change. By recognizing and elevating active users, companies can boost morale and reinforce a culture where engagement is celebrated. Want to discover the true potential of gamified engagement? Experience the transformative power of Funtivity for your team!

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