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Funtivity provides diverse interactive event features, including past event tracking, webinars for large trivia activities, leaderboard-based tournaments, hybrid participation via Zoom or mobile, AI and manual content creation, and LinkedIn integration for networking. Available on multiple platforms for broad engagement.


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Summary in Email
Activity Insights Delivered
Stay effortlessly informed with Funtivity's innovative email summaries. Experience the convenience of receiving comprehensive activity updates right in your inbox. Whether it's progress milestones, engagement highlights, or upcoming events, our email summaries keep you connected and in control, maximizing your enjoyment of every Funtivity experience.
Manual Custom Content
Content creation using manual method
Manual Custom Content feature enables event organizers to create content using traditional, hands-on methods. This approach allows for personalized and tailored event experiences, offering flexibility in crafting unique materials according to specific preferences and themes. Participants can enjoy a more personalized and memorable event through this manual content creation option.
AI Custom Content
Content creation using AI-assist
Funtivity's AI Custom Content feature empowers users to create content with AI assistance. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this capability streamlines content creation, making it faster and more efficient. Participants can enjoy unique and engaging experiences, with AI's support in generating various event materials, enhancing the overall event quality.
View Past Events
List of events played by you
Funtivity's past events encompass webinars, trivia-based activities, tournaments with leaderboards, hybrid and in-person meetings, AI and manual content creation, and LinkedIn speed mingle sessions. Participants enjoy diverse and engaging experiences, making it an exciting platform for interactive events and networking opportunities.
Get Event Summary
Summary of the event
Event Summary, offers comprehensive event overviews. From webinars and trivia-based activities to tournaments with leaderboards, hybrid and in-person meetings, AI and manual content creation, and LinkedIn speed mingle sessions, it presents a detailed snapshot of each engaging event, enhancing participants' overall experience."
Create Tournaments
Create a custom leaderboard of events
Funtivity enables users to create thrilling tournaments with a cumulative leaderboard. Participants can compete in multiple activities, and their scores are combined to determine their positions on the leaderboard. This feature adds excitement and competitiveness to events, fostering engagement and rewarding top performers throughout the tournament.
Hybrid: in-person & virtual
Use QR-code to launch in mobile phones
QR code support for hybrid events, allowing participants to join meetings either through Zoom or in person using their mobile phones. The QR code streamlines the process, providing convenient access to the event, whether attending virtually or physically, enhancing flexibility and inclusivity for all attendees.
Custom Branding
Personalize event pages
Funtivity's Custom Branding feature empowers users to personalize their event pages by adding logos and backgrounds. This capability enhances brand representation and creates a cohesive visual identity for the event. Organizers can make their events more professional and visually appealing, leaving a lasting impression on participants and reinforcing their brand image.
Use in Webinars
Support 10s of 1000s of attendees
Funtivity's webinars support meetings with vast audiences, accommodating tens of thousands of attendees for various trivia-based activities. This feature ensures seamless and engaging interactions for large-scale events, making it an ideal platform for hosting exciting trivia games and other interactive activities on a grand scale.
LinkedIn Speed Mingle
Mingle each other’s linked pages
LinkedIn Speed Mingle feature displays attendees' LinkedIn URLs during breakout sessions, fostering networking opportunities. Participants can easily access and explore each other's profiles, facilitating meaningful connections and professional interactions. This feature enhances engagement and encourages fruitful networking experiences within the event.
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