Destination for an extraordinary virtual team-building experience

Hermis is a reimagined application that integrates video conferencing, team play and personalization directly into activities to deliver the best experience for team building.

Great Audio/Video Quality

No Downloads Required

One click to join an event

Online team-building events are the future

Companies are now enabling their employees to be fully remote.  With the rise of distributed teams, company leaders are looking for solutions to build strongly knit teams.

Virtual team-building events are the solution to the problem.  There is a lot of interest for this today, which is going to increase over time.

Hermis has the tools to make remote work a first-class experience.

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With a plethora of activities to choose from, there is something for everyone in the horn of activities and any group can have a great team building experience.

Team-play Setup

Activities come with their own game play and the need to keep track of teams, turns, progress, scores, winners, leaderboards, audio/video controls, etc to augment the experience of the activities.


Create an exclusive event tailored to your team by customizing every aspect – organization, execution, content, background, etc. – of the event to elevate the experience of team building.

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Organize all your virtual collaborative events with ease.